Raising money from investorscan be a daunting and time consuming task, especially in the cannabis industry with risks abound.  Market, political, regulatory and systemic risks are all present.  To make matters worse, investors have very little historic information, or a baseline, from which to make an informed business decision about your company.  Avoiding the uncertainty associated with cannabis is a natural reaction for most professional financiers.  That's why its imperative for entrepreneurs to have a well crafted business plan and marketing strategy to attract capital.  In addition to being charismatic, you'll need to provide hard evidence that supports your business case in order to raise funds.  In most cases, its the most tangible information that an investor may have when evaluating your concept.  It takes a certain leap of faith on the investor's behalf to fund an idea that isn't generating sales yet.  They must truly believe in the economic viability of your start-up.        

RC Consulting specializes in providing this proof of concept.  We conduct in depth market research, build financial models with customizable inputs and write professional grade business strategies for cannabis entrepreneurs.  We take your vision and synthesize it into a well-supported narrative that's specifically targeted for an astute audience.  Our products will give you the confidence you need to engage in sophisticated market discussions with all interested parties.  We can help in the following capacities,


  1. Business Plan Preparation
  2. Financial Modeling
  3. Financial Analysis
  4. Market Research
  5. Pitch Presentation
  6. Investment and Capital Structure Education (Convertible debt, crowdfunding etc.)
  7. Business Valuation
  8. Slide Decks
  9. Investor Networking (Leverage our Connections)      



Connecting Cannabis & Capital

RC Cannabis Consulting

need help Writing A Business Plan, financial model or conducting market research?