Ryan has spent the last decade developing his professional skills as an investment analyst and adviser, and has helped many start-ups raise money in the last few years.  Learn more about Ryan's professional credentials on LinkedIn.  Prior to starting RC Consulting, Ryan worked as a sell-side equity research analyst covering companies in the wireless telecommunications sector. His research has been published throughout Wall Street, and he's made several television appearances delivering commentary on the wireless technology industry.  Since 2007, Ryan has also owned and operated a successful mobile DJ company.  Mr. Cram graduated from Colorado State University in 2003 with a degree in Finance & Real Estate.  He's an avid snow sport and fitness enthusiast.  

Ryan believes that the cannabis industry is still in its infancy and could increase 30x over the next several years.  This new frontier has been attracting interest from the professional investment community, but access to capital remains limited given federal restrictions that prevent banks from lending to cannabis based enterprises.  As a result, Ryan has been compelled to aid in the maturation of the financial infrastructure that will propel cannabis commerce to the next stage of growth.                           

Ryan Cram - Owner / Operator

About Us​ - RC Consulting is committed to helping connect entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis space.  If you need help preparing financial statements, writing a business plan or budget planning, leverage RC Consulting's experience and investor network to make your dreams a reality.

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