RC Consulting helps businesses raise money and investors scout opportunities in the high growth cannabis market. We work with a network of financiers looking to deploy capital in this industry.  Let RC Consulting help you build your cannabis business plan  and get your start up off the ground.

Given the market risk associated with cannabis and its classification as a banned substance at the federal level, the pool of investors willing to back MJ affiliated companies is relatively small. Therefore, competition for start-up capital is fierce and it's of utmost importance to build a sound business plan and reliable financial projections to secure capital.  RC Consulting specializes in this type of market, financial and valuation analysis. 


Considering the momentum of state led legalization efforts in the United States, it is RCC's belief that cannabis will become fully legalized in the U.S. within the next decade, possibly sooner. We are witnessing the birth of a multi-billion dollar industry, with most experts projecting exponential growth in the next decade. Cannabis likely represents one of the largest opportunities to create wealth that most of us will experience in our lifetime.  Contact us for a free consultation regarding our services and ways we can help you attain your goals.   

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Looking to open a dispensary? Or maybe you are investor interested in the opportunities available in the cannabis market? RC Cannabis Consulting can help with all aspects of the cannabis business. We prepare financial statements, help with budget planning, and connect cannabis entrepreneurs with potential investors. 

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